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The Spark Within

The idea has been a spark within my soul for decades. The idea of Suds was brought to light sometime in the fall of 2016 while  driving through the Rocky Mountains. The long hauls from California to Florida served as a think tank as I began to breathe new life into this fantastic idea and great opportunity.


The Vision is Born

Once the idea of suds sunk in, the visions and signs were drawing closer and closer to reality. Upon many days and nights of recon, we found North Texas to be the prime location for Suds Hangout. The name itself says it all. Remember this is not your ordinary hangout.



Meet the Team

Robert Thomason

Owner - Event Coordinator

Robert is a combat veteran who has served his country honorably. He became a fan of the Grateful Dead and followed them on tour. The Grateful Dead experience changed his life forever. Robert found unity through music and made leaps and bounds in the entertainment industry from a DJ playing parties, a Lighting Technician at Stark Club Dallas, Visual Artist performing shows in the Electronic Dance movement in multiple states. He has had the privilege of working with artist such as Trent Reznor, Avril Lavigne, Ru Paul, Dennis Rodman and many others. However, he visioned a much more intimate experience, a place where you can meet n great and in your heart feel right at home.





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Your Bartenders

Amazing Staff

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Next Steps...

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